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Local hoteliers head to Europe for better training methods

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — With the consistent increase of European visitors to Cancun and the Riviera Maya, hoteliers in the region are looking for better ways to train their personnel.

In July, Riviera Maya hoteliers will be heading to Spain and Germany to participate in a human resources course lead by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The course will last nine days between the two countries and consist of the IDB, the Association of Local Hotels and a representative from the City of Solidarity and the State Tourism Secretariat.

Paredes Manuel Mendoza, director of the Association of Hotels of the Riviera Maya, says local hotel workers of all levels need to learn the practices carried out in these European countries and their level of development of human resources in the tourism industry.

“We believe that Germany is an example of having a fairly advanced system of internships at an international level and Spain is an example worldwide of the preparation and training of human resources in the tourism industry. Remember that Spain receives the second largest amount of tourists in Europe,” says Manuel Paredes.

He explains that in addition to reviewing strategies, internship students need to establish an analysis of the systems of labor investment in employment exchanges in these countries and how the public and education sector with private companies are linked.

“The idea is to focus on upgrading the tourism issues we have in the Riviera Maya by comparing how we do things to the way things are done in Europe, then applying those strategies to hotels in the Riviera Maya,” he explained.

Without specifying figures, he stresses that interns at large hotels in the Riviera Maya receive college level and hands-on training, making it attractive to use a dual training system. Half of the training is done in school while the other half is received inside companies such as Iberian Teutons.

Manuel Paredes  says, “Especially in the upper secondary education level Conalep is doing a pilot project to implement a dual training plan in which students might be trained within the hotels. This is not an overnight training solution and is why we need consultants and academics.”

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