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Local businessmen warn about dangers of following fake news

Cozumel, Q.R. — Businesses on the island of Cozumel have began a campaign against false news that continues to circulate about the Playa del Carmen, Cozumel ferries.

The island businesses have purchased advertising spots warning people about the unverified fake news that travels through social media platforms, affecting the image of the entire state. Island entrepreneurs are stressing the importance of getting news and updates from official sources.

“A false story is created with the sole purpose of promoting fear, of provoking deception, of creating doubt and generating confusion,” says one of the ads.

“Due to the false information on Facebook and Twitter about the situation with the boats, nobody wants to leave their house and the problem is that it’s scaring away tourists. We need to live on this beautiful island. It’s not worth it. Cozumel is your island and we are all Cozumel. Take care not to pay attention to bad information.”

On March 1, the US embassy in Mexico reported that undetonated items were found on a tourist ferry in the Mexican Caribbean and issued a security alert for their employees to avoid the use of the Playa del Carmen ferry services. Canada also released a similar security alert.

However, Mexican federal officials along with American FBI agents from Merida continue to investigate the February 21 Barcos Caribe explosion along with the white tubes found tied to the bottom of an unused ferry.

A verdict or verification of either incident has yet to be concluded.