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Light rail feeder system for Cancun being planned

Cancun, Q.R. — With an approximate investment of 500 million peso, the state government through the Agencia de Proyectos Estratégicos de Quintana Roo intends to construct a light rail system in Cancun that will serve as a feeder for the Maya railroad project.

According to Eduardo de Jesús Ortiz Jasso, head of the Agencia de Proyectos Estratégicos de Quintana Roo, the preliminary draft will be ready in 2019.

He explained said that the rail system will be a public-private partnership project and that it will cross the city starting at the Cancun Airport with Huayacán and Chac Mool Avenues and at some point, become part of la 20 de Noviembre until reaching the delegation of Puerto Juarez and passing through the Universidad del Caribe.

Eduardo de Jesús Ortiz Jasso

“What we are working on now is the airport terminal. Even Asur is already working on the project and we are handling it as a light rail,” adding that in all the municipalities, “in the end it is a project led by the state government with which the urban transport will have to become a feeder of the light rail, which will be the new backbone for the mobilization of the city.”

Ortiz Jasso commented that the companies of urban transport will have to participate because the project goes hand-in-hand with the government of Benito Juárez. “It will have to be part of a comprehensive mobility plan, which we have also made advancements in after several meetings.”

The light train for the city of Cancun was mentioned earlier this month by Carlos Trueba Coll, Director Aeropuerto de Cancún when he explained that a project was being worked on with the airport concessionaire that in another phase, would include a light or suburban train that would serve the city of Cancún, something independent of the Maya Train.