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Liberals take over as Justin Trudeau Canada’s new PM

Toronto, Ontario – Justin Trudeau has been voted in as Canada’s new Prime Minister.

The 43-year-old liberal was voted in by Canadians on Monday, returning the legendary name for liberals and ending a near-decade Conservative ruling headed by Stephen Harper.

Justin Trudeau, who is the son of late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, became Canada’s new prime minister after his Liberal Party won a majority of Parliament’s 338 seats. Pierre Trudeau was prime minister of Canada for nearly 16 years – from 1968 until 1984 – and was often remembered for his charisma. He is responsible for Canada’s version of the Bill of Rights.

Although Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were favored to win a majority of the seats, few expected victory, however, many say his positive politics were what led the way to his winning.

“Tonight Canada is becoming the country it was before,” Trudeau said.

“We beat fear with hope,” Trudeau said. “We beat cynicism with hard work. We beat negative, divisive politics with a positive vision that brings Canadians together. Most of all we defeated the idea that Canadians should be satisfied with less.”

Harper, one of the longest-serving Western leaders, stepped down as the head of Conservatives, the party said in a statement. “The people are never wrong,” Harper said. “The disappointment is my responsibility and mine alone.”

As part of his campaign, Trudeau promises to raise taxes on the rich and run deficits for three years to boost government spending.

“A sea of change here. We are used to high tides in Atlantic Canada. This is not what we hoped for,” said Peter MacKay, a former senior Conservative cabinet minister, shortly after polls closed in Atlantic Canada.

The Liberals were leading in 185 districts, with Trudeau winning his Montreal district. The party needed 170 to gain a majority. The Conservatives were next with 97, followed by the New Democrats at 28 and Bloc Quebecois with nine.

Justin Trudeau, a former school teacher and member of Parliament since 2008, has become the youngest prime minister in Canadian history.

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