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Less than half of Tulum connected to sewage system

Tulum, Q.R. – Tulum is another municipality in the state undergoing an infrastructure overhaul in their wastewater management.

According to Marissa Marí Axle, director of the Comisión de Agua Potable y Alcantarillados (CAPA), only 45 percent of the urban area in the first frame of the city has a sewer system while only 33 percent of farms are connected for wastewater discharge.

CAPA has invested more than 18 million peso to install 6,000 meters of drainage along with 54 new wells for the sanitary connections. Mari Axle says that with the extra infrastructure, an additional 2,300 people in Tulum will be hooked up to a proper wastewater management system.

“The drainage system is installed mostly in the streets in the center of town. More needs to be done but we are working on it,” she said. She also explained that the boulevard of Avenida Tulum and the Mayan Mayapax colonies have no drainage, however in the coming year, more resources are expected to be put toward expanding the drainage network into other parts of the city.

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