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With less than 300 in the world, Mexico zoo breeds first white lion cub

Altiplano Zoo, Tlaxcala — The first white lion ever born in captivity in Mexico has arrived. Officially three months old, the rare lion was hidden away until now to increase his chances of survival.

The Altiplano Zoo in Tlaxcala has a pair of adult white lions that successfully reproduced. The female gave birth October 28, saying they did not disclose birth immediately, but waited until specialists were sure that the animal was not at risk.

Two hours after being born the mother, Metztli (meaning Moon in Nahuatl), abandoned him, “so zoo experts intervened to feed him and protect him.”

“In addition to a special formula, the newborn was able to feed during its first two months, strengthening more and more,” said the Government of Tlaxcala.

Later he began to eat chicken, which helped him polish his teeth and complete the missing nutrients.

Currently, the lion cub weighs 9 kilos and each day its weight increases between 90 and 100 grams.

The lion still has no name, so the government has launched a contest where all children of the state can make a name suggestion for the new cub.

The white lion, originally from southern Africa, is considered in danger of extinction. According to, there are approximately 300 of these animals in the world.

The adult lions at the Tlaxcala zoo, Metztli and Tonatiuh, arrived in 2015 when they were six years old.