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Leader of Los Pelones criminal gang taken down in Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — A drug leader belonging to the Los Pelones criminal gang in Cancun has been arrested by federal police.

Referred to as El Chaparro by other gang members, the leader is said to run drug dealers on Lopez Portillo Avenue in the city of Cancun. Police say that his arrest had led to the names of other criminal gang members.

Identified by the initials J.R.L.L., police say El Chaparro had integrated a criminal cell that used the facilities of the Casa Blanca hotel for its operations, adding that he was responsible for numerous executions in the area of Cancun known as El Crucero.

The criminal organization, Los Pelones, is said to be responsible for the increasing rate of violence in Cancun. At the time of his arrest, El Chaparro was found carrying a bag that contained 21 doses of cocaine, 12 doses of crack and three of marijuana.

The detainee is said to be 29-years-old and originally from Tabasco.

His arrest was made by agents of the Anti-Drug Division of the Federal Police, and was the product of monitoring and surveillance by police through the Escudo Titán operation.