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Laura Beristain plans new policing strategy for Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — With the change of administration comes a change in police strategy that the director of public safety says will restore peace to the city of Playa del Carmen.

Commander Martín Estrada Sánchez from Public Safety and Transit of Solidaridad, says that the prevention of crime, neighborhood police, social proximity and recovery of public spaces are some of the action plans that will be implemented as part of a new police strategy.

He says the goal is to combat crime in the municipality and provide peace to its residents.

“The mandate of the municipal president Laura Beristain is clear, which is to return peace to the people of Solidaridad, so from the first day we have integrated with members of the police corporation with the goal of drawing up action plans, to strengthen the points of the city that need to be taken care of,” he explained.

He stressed the importance of strengthening ties and working hand-in-hand with all business sectors, micro and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs to strengthen security. He says the new mayor, Laura Beristain, has a surveillance plan.

The plan includes the implementation of police bases by quadrants at strategic points of increased incidences of crime, this according to the criminal map of the municipality, so that the response time of police is reduced.

Martin Estrada Sanchez said that social proximity is important to strengthen ties with citizens using pedestrian and motorized patrols in urban and tourist areas to reduce crimes such as robberies, assaults, homicides, kidnappings and other criminal acts.

“There will be no truce to fight crime. It will be a head-on fight,” he noted.