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Largest auction in Cancun’s history to include jets, real estate

Cancun, Q.R. – One of the largest and most valuable roaming auctions of assets in the city’s history is set to take place in Cancun on September 18.

The massive auction is being held by El Servicio de Administración y Enajenación de Bienes — SAE (The Service of Administration and Disposal of Property), an arm of the federal government responsible for the confiscation of items through organized crime.

The roaming auction will be made up of approximately 440 items ranging from yachts and real estate to helicopters. SAE regional delegate, Eduardo Garcia Fonseca, explained that some of the items being auctioned are seizures made at customs, airports or from foreign trade transactions.

Other items, such as real estate, were taken as collateral for unpaid taxes or were confiscated from people who could not prove legal possession. Garcia Fonseca says that some of the other items up for auction are simply assets of the federal government that are being put up for sale from neglect or misuse.

He says this is the first auction to have items of this scale. Some of the larger items will include 22 aircraft such as airplanes, helicopters and jets.

The auction will take place at the President Hotel in Cancun on September 18 and will include bidders from Mexico City as well. Interested bidders will need to purchase access to the information of the auctioned items through a portal of SAE for 500 peso.

Bids on auctioned itemss will be placed in a sealed envelope. Once the auction is complete, the envelopes will be open simultaneously in both Cancun and Mexico City.

To bid on an item, bidders must guarantee either 50,000, 150,000 or 300,000 peso bids, depending on the item. The minimum bid for property is 500,000 peso, however, the bidder must guarantee 25 percent of the starting price of the properties.

For more information, contact Eduardo Fonseca García at SAE: 01-800-527 2309 or 998-884-1782. The SAE office is located at Plaza Comercial Terra Viva on Tulum Av. And Av. Nichupté in SM 11 in Cancun.


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