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Large sleeping boa rescued from busy Cancun roadway

Cancun, Q.R. — A large boa snake that was spotted on a busy roadway in Cancun has been rescued and placed back into the jungle.

On Saturday night, passersby called authorities to report a coiled boa on Kabah Avenue. For fear of the reptile being run over, authorities were called to remove and relocate the snake.

Large sleeping boa rescued from busy Cancun roadway
Photo: Noticaribe

While firemen were reported to be on their way, the lane was closed while a transit driver was able to coax the snake to move off the road. The large boa, who was measured at 3 meters long, was safely returned to the jungle.

It is common for snakes to seek out the heat of the roadways during the cool night hours.

In January, a man also called for assistance when he found a large female boa sleeping on the engine of his car in central Cancun. She too, was rescued and returned to the jungle.