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Large crab rescued from Cozumel road

Cozumel, Q.R. — A large crab was rescued from the side of a coastal road in Cozumel by a passing motorist.

The very large crustacean was seen on a road on the island and rescued from potential vehicular harm by a local citizen. The crab was captured and delivered to officials at the Interpretation Center of the Parks and Museums Foundation (FPMC).

FPMC officials said the large opened claw of the crab measured approximately 80 centimeters.

Conservation and Environmental Education, Rafael Chacón Diaz said that each year between the months of May and July, thousands of migrating crabs are run over by vehicles before they reach the sea to spawn. He notes that on the island there are two common species, the red and blue crab, the blue being the more frequent.

During spawning season, nearly 3,000 crabs will attempt to cross island roads to reach the sea, however, hundreds are run over by vehicles, mostly on the highways near the hotels near the beaches.

A passing motorcyclist saw the large crab on the side of the road. He said two vehicles were about to hit him so he captured the crab. The next day the man contacted island biologist Rafael Chacón, who took the crab for rescue.

When asked about the unusual size of the crab, Chacón Diaz said that it is not a rarity because in his field of work he has had an opportunity to see crabs bigger than the one that was rescued. He explained that crabs in Cozumel are an important part of the island’s biodiversity and encourages the community to avoid running over them.