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Land donated for new nursing home

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A site for the new nursing home for Playa del Carmen has been found.

Yantra Foundation president Alexander Gonzalez Slim noted that the lack of a public nursing home in Quintana Roo will see the beginning of the construction of one in Playa del Carmen in the colony Cristo Rey.

He pointed out that citizen participation is necessary in the construction of these spaces as they generate a sense of belonging.

“Unfortunately in the state we have learned that there is no nursing home of the free level. Thanks to the initiative to build a nursing home here in Solidaridad we can start entrepreneurs, merchants and citizens in general, inviting them to contribute a sack of sand, not only a grain of sand. You have to think big and in helping those people, the blessings are going to come back to fill their hands. We have to educate the people in the state and our municipality to contribute. The most important is the terrain, the next thing is to plan the logistics to get it done.”

He added that the new home will have resources from the foundation as well as citizen contribution on property donated by businessman Marciano Toledo Medina in the Cristo Rey colony of Playa del Carmen.