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Laguna de los Siete Colores contaminated says Bacalar mayor

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — The mayor of Bacalar, Alexander Zetina Aguiluz, says the region of Bacalar does not have the necessary resources to clean the Laguna de los Siete Colores and warned that pollution is worrying as many tourists swim in feces.

He explained that the contamination of the lagoon cannot be prevented since there are approximately 100 occupied lands on the edge of the lagoon system that are without a proper sanitary drainage system. He says there are a total of 140 lands along the lagoon, of which about 100 have people living on them.

Zetina Aguiluz says of these 100 occupied lands, only about 25 percent have a sanitary drainage system. The rest, he says, have septic tanks that are less than one meter deep adding that another concern is runoff from the agricultural areas including the chemical fertilizers and other products that continue to be used.

Zetina Aguiluz says that he has requested the attention of legislative deputies to help with the cleaning of the Lagoon of Bacalar since the region does not have its own resources to stop the lagoon contamination. He notes that for their part, “We will take advantage of the upcoming budget that is presented to the State Congress for 2018,” hoping they are granted support to curb the problem.

He referred to the situation as “delicate” noting that people who swim in the lagoon are doing so “between feces and coliform bacteria,” adding that any health situation that affects international tourists would cause a warning by governments such as the United States or Canada, which are the most affluent destinations and could collapse the economy of Bacalar.