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La Guardia National seize more than 17,000 turtle eggs

Oaxaca, Qaxaca — Members of la Guardia Nacional in Oaxaca have seized a large shipment of sea turtle eggs that were being transported in a private vehicle.

The seizure was made along the Pinotepa Nacional-Salina Cruz highway when the vehicle was pulled over for a traffic violation. While writing the ticket, officers noticed a large amount of filled black garbage bags in the bed of the covered truck.

It was during their inspection that they discovered the black garbage bags, which were covered with a green tarp, were filled with sea turtle eggs. Elements of la Guardia Nactional report seizing 17,640 sea turtle eggs from the 36 garbage bags.

Photo: La Guardia Nacional de Oaxaca

The lone occupant of the vehicle was arrested and sent to the Public Ministry of the Federation where his legal status will be determined. It is a federal crime to steal sea turtle eggs in Mexico, a crime punishable by up to nine years in prison.