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Known Cancun drug dealer found dead hanging from fence

Cancun, Q.R. — A man who was shot and killed by assailants late Sunday night was discovered deceased hanging from a post on a fence.

A young male, who police say was a known drug dealer, was found hanging from a piece of metal on a concrete fence after attempting to flee his shooters.

Preliminary reports say the young man was chased. In an attempt to flee, he ran onto the rooftop of his house, however, before clearing the concrete wall for the street, his clothes caught on a metal post. He was fatally shot and left dangling from the fence.

The shooting occurred in region 75 of Cancun. Although the man was not identified, police say he was a known drug dealer in that region of Cancun and that the house had been searched for drugs only one month before. Drugs were found at the time of the search.