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Kelp cake a hit, on its way to a patent

Cancun, Q.R. – After months of research, marketing and advertising students at Riviera University have created kelp cake, which they are now seeking to patent.

The three students, who prepared by months of trial and error, have discovered a not-so-new use for sea kelp.

The three women discovered that during the 18th century, kelp was used to treat a variety of health ailments including tumors, asthma and skin infections. In Japan, people still consume sea kelp in the form of tea for its blood purification properties.

Jose Alberto Holguin Madrigal, head of campus said, “The project is currently under consultation with health authorities to obtain permits, and once they get them, they will market the product.”

Erika Guadalupe Ortiz, Anayeli Conde and Berenice Patatuchi are the three students who have spent the past six months cooking with kelp. They have created everything from cookies to breads and eventually came to the conclusion that the best product was cake. The women say the process is pretty straightforward in that they collect the kelp from the beach, wash it well then dry it.

They say they have found a way to reduce the smell of the kelp to a minimum without using chemicals. The process they use is completely natural and for now, is a secret that is part of the patent.

As a test run, the college students introduced their kelp cake at the college’s fair in April. They said that many people were afraid to try it, but one they did, the taste was good and people really liked it.

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