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Katherine Heigl vacations in Mexico with family, calls it heaven, says she may never leave

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur — Hollywood’s famous Katherine Heigl along with her family recently vacationed in Mexico calling it “heaven” and saying she “may never leave”.

The ex-Greys Anatomy actress shared a lot of her Mexican vacation on social media, saying it was her first family vacation in two years.

“First family vacation in two years…man am I grateful to be here,” she captioned an Instagram slideshow where she shared photos of her family time in Utah followed by the epic ocean views in Mexico.

Her photos include each member of her immediate family including Naleigh, 9, Adalaide, 5, and Joshua Jr., 1, alongside her 15-year-old niece, Madison, who lives with Heigl full-time.

Heigl shared even more beautiful snapshots of her family in other online images including her jumping for joy in a bright red bikini.

“#thoseheavenlydays are plentiful in this extraordinarily beautiful, peaceful serene spot in Mexico. I may never leave…” she captioned the photos.

Heigl wasn’t the only one showing off photos on social media. Her husband, singer Josh Kelly, also shared some photos of the family’s behind-the-scenes fun including a coastal bike ride, saying “Mexico fantastico #mexico this place is like a reset button.”

The couple’s social media feeds truly are a love letter to their vacation time in Mexico with photos of pool-frolicking, beach trips and bike rides. Kelley remarked that he was so inspired by their trip that he’s working on a new video for several of his more recent songs.