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Judge, public prosecutor arrested for false charges

Cancun, Q.R. — A judge and public prosecutor agent from the state of Quintana Roo have been arrested for initiating irregular criminal proceedings.

The two were taken into custody Thursday after the Attorney General found they had a journalist jailed without evidence.

Agent Tila Patricia León and judge Javier Ruiz Ortega were arrested for initiating an irregular criminal proceeding against journalist Pedro Canché who was detained for nine months.

In a public statement, the Attorney General of the Republic said the reporter was charged with the crime of “sabotage to the detriment of society in general” but the public ministry agent did not have “any evidence” to prove the responsibility of the journalist nor did the judge have “probative elements” against him.

Journalist Pedro Canché was covering a demonstration in the town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto and had published critical notes about authorities. According to the prosecution, his detention was “in reprisal to his journalistic activity.”

Canché celebrated the arrests of agent Tila Patricia León and judge Javier Ruiz Ortega, noting the case against him was based on false evidence.

“It is very rare in Mexico for a journalist to have justice,” he said.

He highlighted that the responsibility must reach whomever ordered them to act against him and, according to Canché, former governor Roberto Borge was one of the regional leaders at the time.

“Judge Ruiz Ortega himself confirmed it to me and told me to seek good defense,” said Canché. “No one is going to give me back nine months in jail, but when a judge uses false evidence to incriminate a journalist, when a public prosecutor forces justice to imprison a journalist, that has debt to be paid.”

Pedro Canché was imprisoned from August 2014 to May 2015.