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Jorge Sampaoli not interested in leading Mexico’s national team

After a two-hour meeting with Chile Football Federation chief, Sergio Jadue on Tuesday, Chile coach, Jorge Sampaoli has rejected Mexico’s offer to coach the Mexico national team.

According to reports, Mexico offered Sampaoli $3.6 million, nearly double his current coaching salary for Chili. The offer also included a long-term deal.

Instead, Sampaoli is considering an offer from Olympique de Marsella to replace Marcelo Bielsa, who resigned.

It’s expected that Sampaoli will finish his contract with Chile, which goes through until the end of the 2018 World Cup. It’s been reported that the deal has a $12 million release clause.

On Sunday, Sampaoli met with the Mexico national team’s director, Guillermo Cantu in Buenos Aires to listen to the formal offer, which is to replace Miguel Herrera who was dismissed last month following a physical altercation involving a photographer.

Although the Mexican football federation (FMF) has remained stoically silent, Queretaro coach Victor Manuel Vucetich remains the best domestic option. As one of the most successful coaches in the history of the Mexican game, Vucetich was famously hired for the last two games of World Cup qualifying in 2013, and was then let go to make way for Herrera.

Some feel that was one of the starkest and most public examples of the ills and short-sightedness of Mexican soccer.

“It is said that to coach the national team should be a source of pride,” Vucetich told ESPN FC. “However, right now many people don’t want to coach it. Why? It is very interesting why many coaches don’t want to go there.”

He explained: “It is obvious that interests supersede the sporting situation. That makes [the federation] take rushed and not thought-out decisions.”

Mexico is considering other candidates including Ricardo La Volpe, Ricardo “Tuca” Farretti, Gustavo Matosas and Marecelo Bielsa.


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