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Isla Mujeres suffers another blackout, islanders demanding answers

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Residents and businesses on Isla Mujeres are demanding answers after another electrical failure on the island leaves them in blackout.

Juan Carrillo Figueroa, head of the Chamber of Commerce in Isla Mujeres, said that the situation is worrying with so many constant electrical blackouts by the Federal Electricity Commission.

The financial hit to island businesses is already high, he says, as shops, restaurants, bars and hotels lose business. He explained that on Saturday when the latest blackout hit, the restaurants were already full but could not stay open due to lack of electricity.

“After the blackout, customers began to ask for their bills,” he commented.

Juan Carrillo Figueroa

Carrillo Figueroa said that not only will the CFE be asked for an explanation, but also for a definitive solution to the problem that continues to exist. He says that the problem is truly worrying since no one knows the real condition of the submarine line that supplies the island.

On Saturday evening, another electrical failure by state-run CFE left islanders in the dark for more than an hour. The blackout was said to be caused by a new fault in the main line that supplies the island with electricity.

Each of the blackouts have been said to be related to the poor condition of the submarine line, which has been in use for more than 30 years. Business owners say that not only are the lines dated, but that the island has an increase in electrical demand due to the growth of tourism.

This last electrical failure comes only weeks after a previous blackout lasted nearly 13 hours. Reports say this is the seventh blackout on the island already this year, with many lasting more than 10 hours.