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Isla Mujeres sees a rise in yacht tourism

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Yacht tourism has increased in the bay of Isla Mujeres over previous years with an average of 30 ships per month.

Island harbormaster, Miguel Gonzalez Gil, says that he has seen a 20 percent increase in yachts entering the bay. Normally, there is an average of 40 yachts anchored in the bay at any given time.

This time of year, Gonzalez says that the island’s bay is seeing between 20 and 30 ships anchor per month, mostly from the United States. The numbers are a little lower than other times of the year due to it being hurricane season, but normally he sees 30 or 40 yachts enter the bay a month.

The harbormaster says that most of the boats arrive with adults onboard, rather than families with children, and stay on their yacht while visiting the island.

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