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Isla Mujeres residents demand permanent solution to continual electrical blackouts

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Residents and businesses on Isla Mujeres are demanding authorities do something to permanently solve the continual electrical blackout problems on the island.

After the most recent blackout lasted 13 hours, island businessmen have asked the mayor to take a firm stand and demand the change of the submarine lines. Islanders say that up until now, CFE only provides temporary remedies.

An island businessman who asked to remain anonymous, says that during the last blackout, they suffered losses in the way of damaged equipment including a refrigerator and food merchandise.

“Unfortunately we do not see a firm position because the mayor only says that more power plants will arrive in the event of another emergency, but this is not the solution that the islanders ask for,” he said.

He explained that ensuring electricity with the plants is CFE’s responsibility and that it should not be seen as a favor they are doing the islanders since it is a service they pay for.

“The fact that now the mayor says that more portable plants will arrive means that the the service is not guaranteed and that at any moment there could be another blackout that causes damage like last week,” he added.

Photo: TV Isla Mujeres

He explained that the problems with the submarine lines are nothing new, and the mayor knows that, adding that since he was a deputy, he set a more energetic stance against the CFE.

Today we see the mayor announcing the arrival of more electricity generating plants, but these will be to provide service to government agencies, hospitals, tourist areas and even hotels. But what about the colonias?” he questioned.

He noted that the problem is more serious than many imagine because as a result power failure also comes a loss of water since the pumps that push water into the homes and businesses are electric.

“I think that the arrival of more power plants is just the announcement of more serious problems to which the CFE is anticipating, ” he commented.

Last week, residents on Isla Mujeres went about 13 hours without electricity after the Federal Electricity Commission announced a failure in their submarine cable.