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Isla Mujeres first to charge new tourist island fee

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — As of January 1, Isla Mujeres will become the first port of Quintana Roo to collect a new approved tax from tourists who visit the island.

Government Secretary General Francisco Xavier López Mena said that recently, Congress of Quintana Roo authorized the request by the Municipality of Isla Mujeres for the approval of the collection of a right for those who arrive to the island.

“It is similar to lodging, but this fee is for those who arrive at the docks of Isla Mujeres,” he noted.

“They will begin charging on the first day of the new year since it has just been approved,” but added that he did not yet know an exact fee that would be charged.

He explained that the new fee will be different from the Lodging Tax (IH), which is twenty peso per night, adding that “The first precedent has already been set and that it will probably be replicated by Holbox and Cozumel soon after.”

He estimated that the islands of Cozumel and Holbox “could join the initiative during the first quarter of next year.”

“It was approved by the state Congress, but it must be made very clear that it will be for the tourists not for the residents. Those who show they are Quintana Roo residents will be exempt from payment.”

In a recent session, XV Legislature of the State Congress approved a finance tax law that will allow the port of Isla Mujeres to collect money from visiting tourists to contribute to the maintenance of public services provided by municipal governments.