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Investor buys Cozumel lobster for Canada, Hong Kong

Cozumel, Q.R. — A Canadian investor has made a deal with a cooperative in Cozumel to buy live lobsters that would be shipped to Canada and Hong Kong.

Members of the Cozumel Fishing Cooperative are about to become the first to export live lobster to Canada and Hong Kong. José Ángel de la Cruz Canto Noh, president of the Board of Directors of the cooperative, says that the negotiation is very advanced and that live lobsters could start being shipped by the middle of the year.

He says that in Hong Kong, one kilo of lobster can fetch a market price of up to $52 USD adding that the Canadian investor is interested in acquiring all the production from the cooperative, noting that the agreement stipulates that the buyer buys to the extent of availability.

De la Cruz Canto Noh says that the cooperative has already invested in additional infrastructure and logistics to increase production to meet the new export demands.

He said that last year, 48 tons of lobster were captured in the Bahía del Espíritu Santo with another two in the Rada de Cozumel. Lobster season for the Mexican Caribbean runs July 1 of this year until February 28 of 2019.

To be able to deliver live lobster to Hong Kong, four members of the cooperative will be trained in special handling and packaging, taking into account that after their capture, a lobster only has 42 hours to live.