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Investigation of explosion at downtown Playa del Carmen bar continues

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — An explosion at a downtown sports bar in Playa del Carmen continues to have officials searching for the cause.

A powerful explosion took out the front facade of the Baaxal Sport Bar in central Playa del Carmen around 2:00 a.m. Thursday. The sports bar, which was not in service, left area residents shaken, however, no injuries were reported.

While initially thought to be a gas leak, Joaquín Morales of the Playa del Carmen fire department said that they were notified that a closed business had burned down. Once on scene, he says they investigated and ruled out that it was a gas leak, adding that authorities are still investigating the cause of the explosion.

Photo: Municipal Police, Solidaridad

“We do not really know what happened. We do not know, the experts are the ones in charge,” he said.

The Baaxal Sports Bar is located on the main floor of the Live Aqua Hotel on 30 North Street between Fifth Avenue and 1 North in the city’s center.

Municipal police report interviewing the manager of the bar who told them that there is a group of people who demand “floor rights” to let them operate, and that these people entered the bar Wednesday and physically assaulted someone, so they chose to close the bar.

Hours later, a worker at the Live Aqua Hotel called him to tell him that “they threw a bomb in the bar”.

City officials continue to work on their investigation as well as a total of damages of the sports bar and nearby buildings that were reportedly not in use.