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Intense rains surprise residents of Cancun, Riviera Maya

Cancun, Q.R. — An intense storm that hit the region during the early morning hours Sunday caused some flooding of Cancun streets and the down of one live electric wire.

Winds were the said cause of the live wire that fell from an overhead power line in Cancun during the weekend storm. The intensity of the wind and rain was a surprise even though the arrival of the weather system was predicted.

Traffic Police of Benito Juarez were out tending to temporarily stranded motorists, while other members closed traffic at the junction of Bonampak and Chichén Itzá Avenues due to the fall of high voltage cables that landed on the wet pavement.

Although only slight flooding was seen along the city’s major arteries, some residential streets became still rivers when absorption wells became clogged with garbage and debris. Waste dragged by the water accumulated on several streets, resulting in severe flooding.

Members of the Brigades of Cancún took to the streets to begin removing garbage from the city’s street drains to avoid additional flooding, since the weekend forecast called for more rain across most of the state. They reported some Cancun streets were sitting in 80 cms of water due to the clogged drains.

The storm, which passed Sunday, was Tropical Wave 10 that arrived along the Yucatan Peninsula from Puerto Rico. With it, most of the state of Quintana Roo was hit with 40 km/h winds and a thunderstorm that doused many areas including Riviera Maya.

According to Servicio Meteorológico Nacional, Tropical Wave No. 10 has carried on to the southeast, interacting with a low pressure channel that will create heavy to very strong showers accompanied by thunderstorms in the east, center, south and southeast of Mexico.