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Insecurity in Cancun extremely worrying, says business council

Cancun, Q.R. — Despite new strategies, cases of insecurity continue to present themselves in Cancun, a fact that is extremely worrying said Eloy Peniche Ruiz, president of the Business Coordinating Council.

“We continue with that bad run of crime, where criminals are attacking places you least expect. That is the reality. We need to strengthen surveillance by some way involving the Army or the Navy, which is something we already began modifying,” he said.

He explained that it is no longer possible to launch the speech that insecurity does not affect tourist activity, because even though the cases of insecurity are not only found in Cancun, the affectation is direct because it is a tourist destination that provides the activities thousands of families rely on.

Eduardo Galaviz Ibarra, president of Asociación de Plazas Comerciales de Quintana Roo, says the risks are increasing because, it’s not only large businesses who have suffered an attack, but also department stores, coffee shops and other small businesses where there is no direct surveillance.

“We need to have more extreme security measures, not only in small shops and bars, but in supermarkets,” he said. He added that in regard to the placement of cameras in Cancun, they have not yet been able to make any solid commitments until maybe next year due to resources.

In the meantime, he says strategies need to be put into place to care for the general population.

Eloy Peniche explained that “Unfortunately in some cases, these situations are magnified and they do impact us. We’re not saying that these things do not happen, they happen everywhere, the problem is that what happens in Cancun is reflected everywhere.”