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INM reports 1,574 caravan migrants now residents of Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — More than 1,500 people who left the migrant caravan already have documents to legally stay in Mexico. Héctor Martínez, general director of the Coordination of Representative Offices of the Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) specified that this figure represents three times more than what was estimated.

The agency reported that 1,574 foreigners traveling in the migrant caravan have received cards to regularize their stay in Mexico. The Ministry of the Interior reported that the 1,574 foreigners from the migrant caravan are spread throughout 15 of Mexico’s states.

Héctor Martínez Castuera said that on behalf of the federal government, the immigration authority has regularized all pregnant women with their family nucleus, minors with their family nucleus, people in a vulnerable state and their family nucleus, disabled people and older adults with their family nucleus.”

He specified that family union is privileged and “so much so, that we already have these 1,574 people in 15 states with their card, with their CURP, and now with the possibility of looking for a job.”