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Injured pelicans found on Puerto Morelos beach

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Two injured pelicans were found on the beaches of Puerto Morelos last week triggering an environmentalist alert.

Both birds were rescued by elements of the Civil Protection Directorate in the beach area when passersby noticed both birds seemed unable to fly. Not sure what to do with them, they contacted the Puerto Meroles fire department who sent out an alert of injured animals to Civil Protection.

The birds were found in two separate incidences by people walking along the beach. The first pelican was found outside a beach club. After a veterinarian inspection, the bird was found to have a fractured neck.

The second pelican was found on a dock and also taken to a local veterinarian for treatment, but his injuries were not disclosed. The injured birds have since triggered an alert among environmentalists who are investigating the cause.

Some environmentalists are saying the injuries to both birds may have stemmed from people fishing from the pier when the birds get very close in search of food. They will sometimes get caught in flying hooks or even attempt to steal fish.

Intervention by the Directorate Of Ecology has been requested to start punishing people who fish off the piers, especially during fishing season bans.