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Injured ocelot left dying, now recovering

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — An ocelot that was hit and left on the side of the highway has been rescued by the Community Conservation Network of the Jaguar.

The cat was apparently struck by a vehicle on Friday night, but left on the side of the road. Photos of the suffering animal went viral, which prompted the conservation community to search for it after an anonymous Friday night 911 call about the injured animal was taken but ignored.

Martin Porta, president of the Environmental Monitoring Committee of the Community Conservation Network of the Jaguar, reported that after reviewing the citizen report the ocelot was found and aided. He said the cat suffered a fractured femur and severe wounds that resulted in additional muscle damage due to the animal being left without aid for nearly two days.

“We had an anonymous report saying that there was an injured animal, which was found on the northern part of the federal highway. We verified that there was a cat — that it was still alive. The delegate of Profepa gave us the authorization to activate the protocol and give the animal immediate attention. The cat was taken to the UMA of Xcaret and delivered for medical attention.”

The cat remains at the Xcaret animal care facility where he is being treated.

Ocelots are largely nocturnal cats that hunt at night. They are found mostly in South America, including the islands of Trinidad and Margarita, Central America and Mexico.