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Independent presidential candidate Margarita Zavala pulls from race

Mexico City, Mexico — One of the two independent candidates for presidency has announced her withdraw from the race.

Margarita Zavala withdrew from the electoral race for the presidency of Mexico Wednesday during a television interview that was set to air Wednesday night. The announcement came as a surprise to everyone, including the television station who were unaware of her intentions ahead of the interview.

The independent candidate made the announcement during the recording of the program Third Degree on Televisa.

During the program, Zavala said she would withdraw from the race to make room for those who are competing and have an advantage.

“I have decided to tell the citizens that I am withdrawing from the candidacy of the race for a principle of congruence, for a principle of political honesty, but also to release those who have generously supported me and make their decision as to what should be done in this difficult battle for Mexico.”

The poll decline of the independent candidate was a theme among the political leaders for the past several days and took hold Tuesday when presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya called on her to build a common political project.

There were hints that the reason she left the presidential race was due to lack of money, however, that notion was rejected by Zavala who said that resources were never a decisive factor in her decision.

“For me, money is not exactly what puts a campaign at risk. In reality, it is the decisions of the citizens,” she said.

“On the contrary. I am convinced that the campaigns do not require the money that others are spending.”