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Improvements planned for CEBIAM to help street dogs

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – The Citizen’s Council for Animal Care and Welfare of the Municipality of Solidarity has made a contingency plan to safeguard the life and integrity of dogs rescued from the streets.

Officials within Facilities of the Municipal Animal Welfare Center (CEBIAM) recognize that the holding pens for the animals are in poor condition and in need of immediate repairs. Alberto Farfán Bravo, Secretary General of the City Council, says that the dogs were in open pens, exposed to the weather and that has since been rectified.

“We also envisage a contingency plan for the possible impact of a meteorological phenomenon that may affect the dogs that are in the municipal animal welfare center,” he added.

He explained that there is a plan to maintain CEBIAM facilities to guarantee the condition of the 38 dogs rescued from the public highway, a task that will be carried out jointly with private initiative thanks to the management of the Commissioner of Tourism and Ecology, Gustavo Maldonado Saldaña.

Head of CEBIAM in Solidaridad, José Alberto Murillo Lozano, reported that work to repair bars and place a shed in CEBIAM will be programmed based on the contributions of the hotel sector.

“The associations helped us to provide temporary shelter to 12 dogs that were in CEBIAM in the face of the weather,” he said, adding, “At the same time we work on the amendments to the Regulation of Animal Welfare and Protection of Municipal Solidarity that will be delivered to councilors Perla Rocha Torres and Gustavo Maldonado Saldaña next Wednesday with the objective of being revised, and thereafter, sent to the town council for approval.”