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Illegal businesses permanently removed from Fifth Avenue

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Numerous vendors and mobile shops are being removed from Playa del Carmen’s popular Fifth Avenue shopping street as the city clears them out.

Businesses found to be without the proper permits are being removed from Playa del Carmen streets, starting with Fifth Avenue. The pedestrian-only street is one of the busiest in the city and one of the most cluttered with an assortment of illegal vendors and merchants.

A cleaning operation between several government agencies including the General Directorate of Economic Development, Directorate of Commerce, Directorate of Inspection, Tourist Police and the DIF Solidaridad, began removing the illegal businesses.

Notice was given to those found to be operating without a permit in December. These businesses were given until the end of February to obtain the necessary permits to keep their businesses along the busy tourist street, however, those that failed to comply have been shut down.

General Directorate of Social Development, Belia Beltrán Aguilera explained that, “The merchants that we are retiring are those that definitely could not verify that they had the necessary permits for commerce on public streets and that also they did not come with us to regularize or to relocate.”

Beltrán Aguilera also added that one of the vendors was found to have two minors working. That particular case was followed up with DIF.

“We are responding to requests from citizens and the business sector, which required us to clean the most important tourist area of the municipality. Our intention, as the Municipal President has said, is to recover the greatness of Solidarity and we are succeeding with the collaboration of all,” he said.

The removal of the illegal businesses from city streets is permanent to ensure they cannot set up again on Fifth Avenue or anywhere else in the city. As of now, seven vendors have been removed.

On March 31, the Committee on Trade on Public Roads of Solidarity unanimously voted to remove irregular street vendors located on Fifth Avenue for not having permits, since the deadline had been met. During that meeting, 450 of the 613 vendor applications received were rejected. These vendor applications included temporary tattoo shops, crafts and souvenirs, food and tours.