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Hundreds sign to stop Puerto Morelos mangrove destruction

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Hundreds of signatures have been collected in an attempt to stop the destruction of 60 hectares of mangrove at Puerto Morelos.

Land bordering El Cid hotel, which continues to be worked on by heavy machinery, sparked members of the Social Movement for the Rights of the People to collect signatures and file complaints with authorities.

Katherine Ender Córdoba, president of the group explained, “From the month of November we verified that the wetland had been damaged, the mangrove had been damaged and there was a garbage dump, there is still…

“After we saw on the page of Voces Unidas for Puerto Morelos that there was still damage inside the wetland and the mangrove, we went and we called a meeting with the inhabitants of Puerto Morelos.”

During that meeting they collected more than 700 signatures and also expanded the existing complaints.

“With this, we managed to show what we had that day, we had a good response, the documents were already submitted with the PGR and in PROFEPA, both in offices in Cancun and via e-mail in Mexico City,” she said.

She stressed that this fight is a joint effort in which they should not lower their guard. They should join with the institutions for the defense of the environment, where until now, they have had the support of organizations such as CONANP.

In recent days, environmentalists continue with the defense of the mangroves and wetlands of Puerto Morelos.

“Unfortunately the devastation continues and the people of Puerto Morelos asked us for support,” explained activist Katherine Ender.

The legal representative of the Social Movement for the Rights of the People, AC and Guardians of Mangrove Cancun explained that a meeting will be held and minutes will be drawn up.

“The minutes will be attached to the complaints already admitted to Profepa and the PGR in defense of the protected flora and fauna, which is being affected by invasive projects,” she said adding that one of the companies that has caused the most environmental damage in Puerto Morelos is the Hotel Cid.