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Hundreds of permits granted for Holbox without plan

Holbox, Q.R. —  The current Holbox administration says that its predecessor granted hundreds of building permits without any order or building plan, something that led to the infrastructure collapse in August of last year.

While permits for construction work and the submission of Environmental Impact Manifestations for projects in Holbox continue, Emilio Jiménez Ancona, municipal president of Lázaro Cárdenas, says that due to the construction permits granted during the last administration, in two years the number of rooms in the so-called Isla Chica rose from 800 to 1,700.

He says that his predecessor granted nearly 300 building permits without any development plan or order.

“What we want is to put order in the growth of Isla Chica which is currently disorganized, because there is no development plan for the area,” said the municipal head.

“Of the projects authorized by the last administration, there are still many to be executed. Currently there are some 70 projects with others are under review … Profepa has closed down 33 of those projects,” said Emilio Jiménez Ancona.

He said that so far during his administration, they have authorized about 10 construction permits, which add to the 300 granted by his predecessor.

“There is an excessive growth in Isla Chica that led to the collapse in August of 2017 because there is no growth limit,” he explained.

The island of Holbox is located within a Protected Natural Area and is divided into two zones. Isla Chica where the population center is, and Isla Grande, the area that does not have buildings.

There is an increasing demand for consistency since the increase of rooms brings with it a cascade of needs in basic public services such as the collection of garbage, drinking water, drainage and electricity.