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Hundreds of Mexicans in US registered to vote before deadline

Hundreds of Mexican nationals living in the United States took to the 50 consulates in the country to register for the electoral process before the March 31 midnight deadline.

The consular network of Mexico in the United States was open on Saturday of the long Easter weekend to accommodate those interested in registering for the process before the deadline.

The consulate office in Dallas reported more than 350 people had shown up before noon to register for the upcoming July 1 presidential vote in Mexico. Francisco de la Torre Galindo from the Mexican consulate in Dallas said that about 600 people took advantage of the extended hours.

As of mid-March, there were more than 629,000 credential cards sent to the consulates offices and over 490,000 of them picked up by Mexicans living abroad.

The largest number of applicants for voter credentials was March 15 in Los Angeles with 82,000 followed by Dallas with 67,000, Chicago with 64,000 and Houston with 46,000.

Since February 2016, Mexican consulates in the United States have served as the gateway to the voter registration process. The Institute National Electoral (INE) has taken advantage of the infrastructure of the consulates for the process of credentialing abroad, using the facilities with which they have to serve the public.

The INE is responsible for sending the elector credentials to each applicant, then allowing Mexicans living in the US to register and participate in Mexican elections. The upcoming July 1 elections will be the first time Mexicans living abroad will be able to exercise their right to vote.

The National Electoral Institute has called on Mexicans living in the US to vote and predicts that some 250,000 Mexicans living abroad will vote during the presidential election of July 2018.