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Hundreds of blue crabs rescued from Cancun street

Cancun, Q.R. – Hundreds of blue crabs were rescued off a busy street and returned to their habitat along Avenue Bonampak in central Cancun.

Several groups and numerous volunteers rushed to the avenue to prevent the small crabs from being run over by traffic. Agencies including Fire, the Municipal Transit Authority and General Ecology were quick to respond to an emergency 911 call to help with the rescue of the crabs.

Due to recent heavy rains, the crabs were flushed out of their burrows and in search of higher and drier ground. A statement from Jose Luis Castro Garibay, Directorate of Ecology for the city, reported that they were at high risk of being crushed as they tried to cross Avenue Bonampak.

Volunteers used containers and buckets to pick up easy-to-reach crabs, while officials used low-pressure water hoses to flush out the hundreds that gathered under parked cars and even in trees for protection.

The rescue effort took nearly two hours at which time the entire avenue was cordoned off.  Castro Garibay said that the rescue of the blue crab is very important and that citizen support is also very important in the rescue efforts.

Each Fall the blue crabs make their way from the Nichupte Lagoon to the sea for reproduction. Their schedule for navigation occurs on their own instincts, often choosing a route with vehicular traffic. These crabs are protected by the government of Mexico under The Blue Crab Protection Campaign.