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HSBC internet banking users warned of vishing scam

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) is alerting the general public to a new vishing scam aimed mostly toward HSBC customers. Those who use the financial institution’s internet banking are being warned of a message circulating claiming their card has been canceled, and to reactive, the user must prove their identity.

In a statement, the agency said they are issuing the warning, letting users know that a text message (SMS) is being sent to HSBC internet banking users by criminals asking users to verify their personal information.

Condusef explains what they are looking for is the card number, the personal identification number (PIN), among other personal information with the goal of accessing the account to either withdraw cash or make purchases.

The commission reports that criminals are sending the text messages from the telephone number 221 275 1296, warning the HSBC user that their card has been deactivated due to a security issue and to reactivate, they must validate the identity associated with the card.

Condusef is asking users to discard the messages and to avoid answering suspicious calls or messages from unknown senders.

They are also recommending HSBC internet users not provide bank passwords to any site that arrives by email, chat or text message and take into account that neither financial institutions, including VISA or MasterCard or other card operator request personal data to their customers or verification of accounts through a means such as text messages.