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Hoteliers propose to regulate digital platform vacation rentals

Cancun, Q.R. — The president of the Committee on Tourism and International Affairs, Deputy Gabriela Angulo Sauri, met with hoteliers from the northern regions of Quintana Roo to present a project that would regulate so-called vacation rentals.

During the meeting that was requested by the hotel sector, Angulo Sauri explained that the goal is to find alternatives that provide legal security to both tourists and those who invest in digital hosting platforms.

Through this proposal, officials hope to update state regulatory frameworks as well as identify and register obligated properties, promote economic development, healthy competition and tax collection, among others.

“The meeting was at the request of hoteliers in the northern area of Quintana Roo to create a regulatory framework on the concept of vacation rentals through a digital platform, not only contemplating the collection of accommodations, but also to contemplate issues of civil protection, health provisions, among others,” she added.

Sauri Angulo said that the initiative will be presented in the coming weeks before State Congress so that, after review by corresponding committees, it will be possible to continue the analysis of all the sectors involved.

The legislator said that an important aspect of regulating holiday rentals is to be able to have a record of the tourists entering the entity through these digital hosting platforms and to be able to guarantee their security in case of natural disasters.

“It is very important to have figures for the tourists who use these rental services because in case of any contingency or natural disaster, we do not know how many or where they are. We do not have any information such as their name or origin like the state does in the case of hotels where there is a record,” she added.