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Hotel staff removing vehicle plates to claim public street as private

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Hotel workers are removing license plates from vehicles parked outside their hotel in an attempt to use the street for private parking.

Hotel staff at the Porto Real have been reported for trying to stop vehicles, other than staff, from parking along both sides of 16th Street. Staff of the Porto Real have been reported for removing the license plates of non-hotel vehicles that park in that area.

José Gómez Burgos, secretary of the Caribbean Sea Tourism Cooperative, said that in recent days the hotel’s people have removed the license plates from 15 vehicles without the authorities.

“This hotel deranges 16th Street because they want to occupy the sidewalk on the sides of the street and that is not possible. It is a public road and not the hotel’s,” he said.

He suggested that the hotel give parking spaces to their employees and to not consider the street to be exclusively for them, adding that the hotel staff even park on the sidewalks preventing people and guests from be able to freely walk.

Municipal Transit said they will intervene and analyze the situation.