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Hotel in Playa del Carmen found dumping waste water into sea

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A central hotel in Playa del Carmen has been closed after inspectors found the hotel discharging its waste water into the sea.

The Costa del Mar hotel has been closed after inspectors from the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change detected a discharge of waste water into the sea from the facilities of the lodging center.

The establishment is located on Avenida Primera Norte. Two closure seals were placed across the front reception window of the hotel, however, after the placement of the seals, the hotel’s beach club continued with business as usual.

Orquídea Trejo, director of Environment and Climate Change, said that the seal was to stop the contamination and later to give the Federal Office of Environmental Protection (Profepa) an opportunity to intervenes according to its faculties.

“Their waste waters were going directly to the sea. They were closed to stop the spill momentarily, but it is Profepa that has to see it. They have already been notified.

“An evaluation must be completed by Profepa. We are only a preventive measure. This waste water was going to the sea. We verified the facts of what was found in the inspection,” said Trejo Buendía.

“We had a report before that there was a hotel emptying sewage into the sea, but we reported no issues of discharge because that part was buried in the sand and thought it was mangrove. Since that date, we had not had a report,” he said in reference to an alleged sewage spill that occurred in January 2017 along the beach of the CTM.

Although he did not specify a date, he mentioned that the Profepa inspection will be in the following days. In addition to requesting the hotel repair the damage, an economic fine will be imposed.