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Hotel palapa fire in Tulum turned out to be small kitchen fire

Tulum, Q.R. — A grease fire in the kitchen of a Tulum hotel didn’t cause much damage, but did leave two hotel workers gasping for breath.

Firemen quickly arrived to the scene of a kitchen fire in the hotel Coco Limited in Tulum Monday morning after receiving a report of a palapa fire. When firemen arrived to tackle the burning palapa, they quickly learned that the fire was actually a small grease fire in the hotel’s kitchen.

However, not knowing this initially, several fire units were sent to the scene. The director of the fire brigade, Justino Erasquin Abdala, joined the site with guard staff and a second firefighter Heverli Maciel López who was onsite with four more staff and another unit. They were joined by operational fireman Angel Jaime, who tended to the fire with three additional supports.

The fire department reported extinguishing the kitchen fire around 8:05 a.m. and assisting two hotel kitchen staff who inhaled smoke and fumes. The staff, Wilma Dolores Hu and Adrián Cortez, were treated by paramedics from the Red Cross.

The fire department said that the kitchen fire was small and did not represent any danger to nearby structures or other hotels, adding that hotel staff had already begun using the eight fire extinguishers in the kitchen by the time they arrived.

The entire event lasted less than an hour. Other than smoke inhalation, there were no report of injuries.

In July, a fire inside the Bahía Príncipe Hotel Complex in Tulum left a restaurant completely destroyed. Reports say someone inside heard a short circuit pop moments before seeing flames erupt from the palapa roof. The entire luxury restaurant was destroyed.