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Hot cars sold only in Mexico

Some of the most attention-grabbing vehicles in the world can be bought in Mexico. Major automakers produce several Mexico-only cars and trucks that cannot be purchased in the US.

Global auto brands including Ford, Audi, Volkswagen and French auto-producer, Peugeot, have found a niche market worth their while and are producing some pretty hot vehicles sold only in Mexico.

Audi produces two different Sportback models made just for Mexico. The turbocharged Audi A1 is smaller than the A3 and available in a four-door version. This popular Sportback car is available as a 1.4-liter four-cylinder 122 hp supercharged or a 1.4-liter, 185 hp turbocharged version. Despite its size, the A1 offers the same style and quality of other Audis.

Audi also makes the S5 Sportback for Mexican consumers. While the A5/S5 versions are available elsewhere – in the US – they’re not available in the Sportback model. Audi’s take on this is to offer a four-door hatchback that’s meant to counter the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. The S5 Sportback offers drivers a 2.3-inch longer wheelbase giving backseat passengers extra legroom.

Chevrolet dips into the Mexican market with its popular Tornado. Built off a front-wheel-drive subcompact sedan platform, the Tornado is powered by a 105-hp, 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine. Don’t let its size fool you though. The Turbo holds true to its name with a load capacity of more than 1,600 pounds with useful items such as intermittent wipers, fender positioned cargo box steps among others. This five-speed manual drive is engineered and manufactured in Brazil.

The CrossFox is one of the more unique vehicles produced by the long-time car maker, Volkswagen. Imagine a car about the size of the Nissan Micra and combine it with VWs Fox City and you’ll get one robust car. The 101-hp, 1.6 liter four-cylinder, five-speed manual transmission offers a front-wheel drive only experience. It’s high-riding suspension, modest skid plates, plastic fender flares and roof rack are only a few of the features that have earned this car its uniqueness.

The Ford EcoSport and Ford Ranger are two Brazilian-made models sold only in Mexico. The EcoSport is based on the Ford Fiesta. Its powered by a 145-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The front-wheel drive SUV offers a choice of automatic or manual transmissions.

Ford’s new mid-sized Ranger can carry nearly 3,000 pounds and make its way through 31-inches of water with no problems due to the four-cylinder engine – gas or diesel – rear-wheel drive and manual transmission.

French automaker Peugeot has not sold cars in the US for decades, but the global company offers the traffic-stopping RCZ coupe in Mexico. This front-wheel drive sports coupe is equipped with 200-hp, a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with a zero-to-60-mph capability in 7.5 seconds.


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