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Hot air conditioner cause of Playa del Carmen fire

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A fire alarm from an apartment building on Fifth Avenue Thursday was due to the overheating of an air conditioning unit.

On Thursday morning, Playa del Carmen firemen rushed to an apartment building on Fifth Avenue with Constituyentes in front of Quinta Alegría square where they quickly put out a fire.

Juan Carlos Medina Sosa, director of Civil Protection in the municipality, said they initially thought it was a restaurant fire, but realized it was an apartment.

“At first we thought it was the restaurant that is on the side, but no, it was an apartment where the fire was caused by an overheating of an air conditioner,” he said.

He explained that the damage was not sever enough to warrant closure seals for the building, but did say that the owners of the property have been requested to show up in person for documentation and regulations.

He added that in the event they do not show up at the Directorate of Civil Protection, they will then proceed to place closure seals, leaving the owners to potentially pay a 10,000 peso fine for the fire.

During the fire, nearby staff were evacuated from businesses. There were no injuries reported.