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Homeowners request help after seeing crocodile try to enter house

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua — A homeowner in the state of Chihuahua called authorities after noticing an adult crocodile trying to get inside their house.

Members of the H. Fire Department of Ciudad Juárez attended to a call over the weekend of a large crocodile seen in the back of a private yard. The homeowner called authorities after the reptile made attempts to enter the home.

The nighttime rescue was made by nearby firemen who were able to capture the 1.4 meter long croc and place it inside a crate. The reptile was then held until officers from the Federal Office for Environmental Protection arrived.

Although the male Caimán Babilla was deemed in good physical health, wildlife officials were left baffled as to where the crocodile came from since they are not naturally found in the state of Chihuahua.

Unable to release it into the wild, wildlife officials have temporarily transferred it to the San Jorge Zoo in the Juarez Valley, where, they say, are adequate facilities for its care and attention. They also say that they are investigating where it could have come from and will find it a final destination.

In Mexico, the babilla caiman is in a special protection category according to the Official Mexican Standard.