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Home invader arrested on Isla Mujeres after reports, police say citizens will not file complaint

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — A man who has been arrested by police for alleged home thefts may be released since citizens have not come forward to file an official complaint.

Members of the preventive police of Isla Mujeres have arrested a man after receiving an emergency call that someone aboard a motorcycle was entering homes and committing robberies. However, since his arrest, no individual citizens have come forward to file an official complaint.

Jaime Ongay Ortíz, general coordinator of Public Safety explained that despite the complaints made on social networks, so far no one has wanted to make an official complaint. He explained that the arrest happened Sunday when an emergency call was received about a subject on board a rented motorcycle entering several homes to steal.

As a result of this denunciation, an operative was mounted and the suspect was arrested, unfortunately the person who made the call does not want to file an official complaint which he says, is a basic principle “so that the person can be subject to a criminal process,” he explained.

The police chief made the invitation for people to understand the necessity to file complains which would result in more criminals behind bars. He said that it is not enough to only complain about things and report them on social media because a corresponding complaint must be filed and thus prevent these people from committing crimes again.

The police chief says the man arrested is 47 of Belizean origin who has been suspected of committing similar crimes in other municipalities. He was taken into custody for 36 hours and will likely be released unless someone comes forward to file a complaint.