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Holbox to start charging visitors to enter the island

Holbox, Q.R. — As of next year, any person visiting the island of Holbox will pay a fee of 20 pesos. The XV Legislature of the State Congress approved the fee based on the need to prevent a contingency like the one that occurred earlier in the year.

The new 20 peso per person fee will be used for environmental sanitation, said deputy Gabriela Angulo Sauri, a fee she says is not financially harmful.

“It will be something for all visitors. Staying in a hotel is something fundamentally important because proper infrastructure is a matter of hygiene and that infrastructure is something that is much needed. We have a problem there with the ecological balance,” she explained.

The resources will be administered by the City Council of Lázaro Cárdenas under the supervision of the State Congress.

“It is something very necessary. I feel it is not an excessive charge, it is something that the island really needs and we have to pay to support them,” she reiterated.