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Holbox signs garbage removal contract with private company

Holbox, Q.R. — Eco-V, a private company, will take over the management and removal of solid waste from the island of Holbox.

With the end of high season, the dump at Holbox has reached maximum capacity, leaving city officials to find a new way to remove the island’s garbage. Municipal president, Emilio Jiménez, says this week, the city of Lázaro Cárdenas and the company Eco-V will sign an agreement with the private company for the new waste management plan.

He says while the high season means money for the island, it also means more solid waste. He explained that although the garbage is to remain on the island for only a few days before being transferred, it has been sitting for months, growing mountain-like.

Since last week, garbage collectors have officially run out of room. Jiménez explained that since there is no space, garbage is being placed on the outskirts of the designated garbage dump. With the new agreement with Eco-V, Holbox authorities hope that the collection and disposal of waste on the island will no longer be a problem.

Eco-V is a recycle and fumigation company in Cancun that also offers garbage removal services. They say that 90 percent of garbage collected will be reused and not sent to a sanitary landfill, that the garbage will be taken to the Harvesting Unit where it is used for compost or livestock feed.