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Holbox real estate project shut for lack of permits

Holbox, Q.R. — A real estate project on the island of Holbox has been closed after authorities found the construction project without permits.

The Federal Office of Environmental Protection closed a real estate project that had already cleared more than 1,100 square meters of vegetation including mangroves.

The project, Departamentos Grip Holbox, which was located within the flora and fauna protection area of Yum Balam in the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas, was without permits.

The entrepreneur could be facing fines as high as 2 million peso for damage already done after officers from the Federal Office of Environmental Protection found him to be without authorization or an environmental impact permit normally granted by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

The closure came after an anonymous report denounced the project and the clearing of land and mangrove areas. During their inspection, federal officers found the developer had already illegally cleared 1,128 square meters which included the removal of coastal wetland vegetation.

The developer was also found guilty of other infractions including depositing materials and burning waste rather than disposing of it properly.