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Holbox prohibits single use plastics

Holbox, Q.R. — Holbox is the first island located within a Protected Natural Area in Mexico where single-use plastic has been prohibited. The National Commission of Natural Protected Areas reported that within the protected areas in Mexico, Holbox is the first in which the use of plastics is prohibited.

Francisco Ricardo Gómez Lozano, regional director of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, said that “as an island within a natural protected area, it is the first.”

In the Solid Waste Law created by the state government through the Secretariat of Ecology and Environment, it stipulates that this restriction applies to all the islands of the state, which is expected to be approved by Congress and published in the Official Gazette of Quintana Roo.

Among the restrictions set out in the Yum Balam Management Program, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation last week, is the reduction of disposable containers, PET, unicel and plastic bags.

During high season, the island can become home to as many as 5,000 people, who every day, generate up to 20 tons of garbage. For each ton of garbage, 89 kilos are different types of plastics.

Roberto Reynoso, head of sanitation and garbage collection on the island, reported that the hotel sector uses the most plastic products. “In low season, I receive 11,500 kilos of garbage daily of which 1,023 kilos are plastics.”